April 22, 2019

by Phenomenon Creative Events

With just a ‘jump to the left’ …

And ‘a step to the right’ … the Phenomenon team transformed a tennis court into the ‘astounding’ world of our favourite transvestite.

Guests shivered with ‘anticipation’ as they strutted their stuff down the black carpet, before entering a dark tunnel littered with webs and friendly skeletons.

Soon, our guests slipped into ‘another dimension’ as they ventured into Frank-N-furter’s castle …

‘Time was fleeting’, so our secret flash mob hit the dance floor to kick off the night with everyone’s favourite dance routine … ‘with a bit of a mind flip’ they were into a ‘time slip’.

Thanks to the wonderful staff at Coogee Chemicals for embracing the theme and amazing with their commitment and outrageous costumes … enough to drive us ins-a-a-a-a-a-ne

Now, with our hands on our hips, and our knees in tight … we just can’t wait to see what they choose for this year’s Christmas party.

Let’s do the time warp again!!!