June 12, 2020

by Admin

With COVID19 sweeping the globe it has meant that we all need to be more conscious about health and hygiene to protect ourselves and our loved ones.  So here at Phenomenon we are taking measures to protect our staff and visitors, and to also prepare for when we are able to get back to the business of creating fabulous events!

So, what are we doing?  Here are some of things we have implemented:


Before any Phenomenon staff member commences work, they will be required to comply with our Phenomenons Safety Protocols.   This will allow us to ensure no high-risk people are entering our work place or your venue.  All staff will also have their temperatures taken on arrival at work.

Every Phenomenon staff member has also completed the mandatory Hospitality Hygiene course put together by the State Government and the AHA.  This means we are all trained on how to behave and act in the best interests of ourselves and our guests.

Phenomenon staff have been highly encouraged to also ensure they have downloaded the COVID Safe App.  This adds another layer of protection for everyone that is operating it, allowing notifications to be made if anyone has come in contact with a confirmed case.


In our offices we are ensuring no staff are seated within 1.5m of another staff member and that all office spaces are well ventilated.

When setting up all staff will endeavour to keep the 1.5m distance.  For manual handling tasks that require two people we will assess each object and its necessity to be part of the event before quoting.  Heavy items like sofas are normally longer than this length anyway so our staff can maintain that distance.


All Phenomenon staff will be equipped with suitable PPE on site.  This means they will have access to the below :

  • Disposable gloves
  • Face masks
  • Portable hand sanitiser stations


All staff have been trained in correct hand washing procedures and personal hygiene.  Phenomenon is providing hand sanitiser at all points – in our offices, our vehicles and on site.

We have put together a selection of items available for hire for events as well, including the below :

  • Hand sanitiser stands for around the event
  • Perspex guards for registration or serving staff if needed
  • Floor stickers showing 1.5m apart
  • How to hand wash signs for bathroom


Whilst we have always done this, it is important our clients know how we are taking care of our equipment. 

All hire items are cleaned before leaving our warehouse and on return.  All hard finish items are cleaned with hot soapy water first to remove any dirt and debris and are then sanitised with a high-grade bleach cleaning product.  Once items are cleaned, they are then covered to prevent any further contact.

All soft items such as sofas are steamed cleaned with high heat to kill any germs and then also covered to prevent further contact.

An additional measure we take is to clean the items again once on site to ensure there has been no contact in transit.

Our offices will be cleaned daily by staff and weekly professionally.  All our vehicle interiors will be cleaned after every use, with all surfaces disinfected ready for the next crew.  And yes, we have more Glen20 and bleach then you can poke a stick at!

All these measures will give our clients peace of mind that the hire items they are receiving are not carrying COVID or any other nasties.


When looking at how to hold events in a safe way, be assured that we can help you to design your space accordingly.   This is what we do best!  We can work with you to make sure you have the right number of square meters per guest, that tables are sufficiently spaced and entry and exit points are all managed to allow a safe, distanced flow of people.

We can’t wait to get back to creating magical spaces for guests to enjoy.  We have been doing a number of small private birthday events at homes already and look forward to the next step when we can all gather in slightly larger groups.

If you have any questions about our COVID19 policies please reach out as we would be happy to share more details.