July 20, 2020

by Admin

When you are planning and styling a cocktail event you always need to take into account furniture hire as part of your planning.  Here at Phenomenon we have been designing events in Perth for over 30 years so we have put all that experience to good use to help get you started!

We have personally curated a range of furniture packages to suit all budgets as well as all styles.  We have put together the best combination of cocktail tables, stools, bars and sofas for you so all the work is done!  Just choose the look you like best along with the price point that suits you budget and give us a call to lock it all in for you.

For cocktail parties we normally say you should have seats for between 20% – 30% of your guests.  This always depends on the average age of the guests with a younger crowd needing less and and older crowd needing a few more.  For example, if you have 80 people coming to your wedding or engagement party, assuming a fair mix of ages, we would say 25% would be a good figure to work towards.  That means you should be able to seat up to 20 people at any one time.  This can be a mix of stools and sofa / low seating.

Please click here to download our current packages.

If you would like us to design a bespoke package for you in a certain style or colour scheme then please contact us and we can come back to you with some creative ideas!